Depending on your level of comfort, we offer in-person visits in your home or telehealth. We may be able to bill your health insurance for services. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to see how we can help you.  

Speech Therapy May Be Helpful If Someone…

  • Es tarde en la adquisición del lenguaje
  • Es dificil de entender
  • Está tartamudeando
  • Está teniendo problemas para comer
  • Tiene una capacidad disminuida para comunicarse como resultado de una lesión cerebral o un derrame cerebral
  • Tiene problemas con la memoria, resolución de problemas o prestar atención
  • Tiene problemas con la deglución
  • Ha tenido cambios en la calidad del sonido vocal

One-on-One Therapy

Did you know speech therapists work on so much more than children who mispronounce sounds? We have extensive experience in treating pronunciation problems, language disorders, abnormal movement patterns of the face and mouth, and picky eating in young and school aged children. We offer telehealth and in-home therapy in Boulder, Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson, and Douglas counties in Colorado. Our therapists are knowledgeable, experienced, kind, thorough, and are fully present with you and your child during treatment sessions. If you’re interested in a free consultation to learn more about how we can help your child, please go to the schedule tab at to schedule a complimentary consultation.

It Takes Two to Talk Program

This is a virtual 12-week parent training program for parents of children aged birth to five on how you can help them reach their full potential. It includes a private pre-program consultation, three 1 on 1 sessions with you and your child, and 8 group sessions. Your child’s communication goals are tailored to their personality and interests. This program empowers you to build the confidence in communicating and love of learning from the safety of your own home. If this program sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please go to the schedule tab to schedule a complimentary consultation.